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Amphibia, Inc. is a fanfiction based on the Disney Channel series, Amphibia. It features two chapters, the first of which, titled "Goodbye, Plantars", was published on Archive of Our Own on September 15, 2021, followed by "A Lot of Wood to Go Through" the next day. It retells the final scenes from the Disney-Pixar film, Monsters, Inc., hence the title, rewritten with characters from the aforementioned series.


Following the defeat of King Andreas; Anne, Sasha, Marcy, and the Plantars return to Wartwood. Anne promises the Plantars to visit them using the Calamity Box, but Lady Olivia shows up and tells them the box must be destroyed under orders from a newt intelligence agency. Anne and the Plantars spend their last five minutes together in the Plantar house before the three girls return home. After that, the box blows up after Olivia had set it to a self-destruct countdown, then Anne saves the blue gem from the remains.

A few months later, Anne is still missing the Plantars. Sasha visits her and surprises her with a newly-repaired Calamity Box, which she had spent the past few months putting back together. Anne reattaches the blue gem she saved and opens the box, which teleports her to the Plantar house where she happily reunites with Sprig.


  • Anne Boonchuy
  • Sprig Plantar
  • Polly Plantar
  • Hop Pop Plantar
  • Sasha Waybright
  • Lady Olivia
  • Domino (does not speak)
  • Marcy Wu (does not speak)
  • Grime (mentioned)
  • Mrs. Boonchuy (mentioned)
  • Mr. Boonchuy (mentioned)


  • This is the first piece of Amphibia-related material created by Lukwisnie.
  • At one point while writing the story, Lukwisnie considered having Sasha show Anne the rebuilt Calamity Box right after school, but ultimately went with having it take place at Anne's house.

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