Anne Matt Boonchuy is the protagonist of the Amphibia Fanon. She is from the United States, with Thai descent.


Anne is a female with brown colored eyes, with normal sized hands and a School Uniform that has the initials for Lucy Matt’s Middle School, which in a four shaped crest.

When she got to Amphibia

She two leaves, one in the left that is tan-ish, and the other leave that is greenish-yellow. Her shirt also has a stain in the right bottom.


Her date of birth was unknown, but people assume it to be 2006 because of when she was born. When she found out that she was going to be a Big Sister, she went nuts, she was not ready. She met Greimana the day he was born. He was “cute”. When she became 4, she went to school in a Nearby School Lucy Matt’s Elementary School, And met Pre-Schoolers Sasha and Marcy. She became their friends, but was controlling her to believe that they were friends. But Anne doesn’t know, so they don’t need to lie, just take advantage of her.

School Years

Over the years, she cared about her studies, and became a A and A+ student, becoming the Student of the Year. Sasha and Marcy became jealous and tried to copy her work, but got into trouble, and then they fake apologized to keep the Friendship. This was effective, allowing the “friendship” to continue. She started to lose her free time on her school work, and became a workaholic, rarely using any time to have fun, to the point she stayed at home and School, and all she did us work. She started losing sleep, but her parents realized and tried to control the situation, and over time, it indeed improve. But still did more than enough work to not fail the school.

Her “Emo” years

After her addiction to doing homework, she started to think she needed To be cool, she first the soccer team, and ruined the team, making them very angry for losing, but she practiced so people could like her. She started wearing cooler, rock clothes, but with Puberty soon, she would be completely mocked for trying to be cool. She upgraded to Lucy Matt’s Middle School, and bullying was tough, but Sasha And Marcy tried to help her with her anger and frustration so she improve in her soccer game, and played Soccer whenever she really wanted to, even if she didn’t want to do that, and then started getting better in the team, and then she started to be hated less, so she stopped trying to look cool because of this.

The “Amphibia Fanon Series”

The show started with her, with Sasha And Marcy coming to give gifts, she was then forced to steal a Magic Chest , And then used it in the night, and was sent to Amphibia. She was trying to get help from the Amphibians, they wouldn’t give any help. Then she met Mayor Toadstool, the Mayor. Who Anne wanted help because she didn’t know where she was. That was when she met Sprig, looking at her, not listening to what The Mayor was saying because she was annoyed by Sprig. After the discussion, she decided to see who that was, and she Met Sprig, And they talked and became actual friends. And went to the The Plantar’s House to meet Hop Pop Plantar and Polly Plantar. And then they start building a room. But then the Little Einsteins fall in the garden, and Anne is forced to fix it, with also made the Plantar Family furious.

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