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Original pencil art of Anthony.

Anthony 'Jack' Boonchuy AKA Ant or Jack is a Thai-American Special Forces/Special Operations Forces operator in his 20s (between 23-28). He is the protagonist of the Amphibia AU. The older brother of 13 years old Anne Boonchuy is an American citizen and a member of the US Army Special Forces' 1st Special Forces Group ((1st SFG) (A)) start from an 18X Special Forces Candidate then to the rank of Sergeant First Class as well as the rank of 18F Assistant Operations and Intelligence Sergeant.

Due to the nature of the teleportation incident into Amphibia in 2019 AD, he has the ability to use the yellow gem earlier and with better control than his sis and the rest of the human youngsters (not just Sasha & Marcy but other OCs too). Although the yellow diamond like gem looks almost identical to the other gems on the Calamity Box, it was actually crafted and modified separately comparing to its counterparts embedded into the box by someone/something.

Art by Obamosapien showing Anthony (with a rather serious face) fully geared and armed with a loaded M4A1 carbine next to Anne.

Art by FaulDieb


Anthony is a human male having 2 dark brown eyes and has brown hair with some traits similar to his younger sis Anne. He mostly resembles his dad due to the round yet flat chin, dark thick brown eyebrows, light wrinkles underneath his eyes with a big yet slightly flat nose though he inherited his mom's lighter skin color and frizzy hair just like Anne but hair is shorter in comparison due to male gene/DNA. For a man who's originally from Thailand, his height with weight are between average to above average.

Art by usernameoridk - Ant without his beard (post S2 appearance when back in LA) in his casual clothes (in a tan T-shirt & a pair of dark tan bush pants that has 4 pockets [2 at the front thigh, 2 side pockets with his both hands in them]) and has his M4A1 carbine with a green firearm sling on his left shoulder slung behind his back.

History - Before teleported into Amphibia

Early life

Ant was born somewhere in Thailand between the early 90s to the mid 90s, part of the "widely accepted" Millennials AKA Generation Y or Gen Y. Later emigrated with his parents to the United States during the early to mid 2000s (such as 2004) before grew up into a teenager due to some problems in Thailand such as constant Coup d'état shenanigans. The place they would stay in the US was Los Angeles, California.

Teenage years in the United States

Although he liked the US due to more stable, 'democratic' with more diversity than his first home country, he didn't actually love America totally due to inequality issues like racism, education cost, student loans, US gov wasting lots of money to fight the War on Terror into its Military Industrial Complex with the War on Drugs than other matters in the nation and other loads of problems to list out. Later in 2006, he witnessed his mom given birth in an American hospital to his younger sister Anne; Since that day he vowed to himself he would make sure/try his best for Anne with his family being safe and out of harms way if possible, using whatever 'methods' necessary. In his early teens, he was being bullied in and out of high school; Nonetheless being a young man, he had in mind of playing the long game; He's able to connect the dots of the various bullied situations in a quick time and used the right timing to take care of those bullies and enemies using various means; While also making valuable allies then trusted people which some later become his friends to give him the opportunity to learn many things other than the high school subjects. Which he's able to get good grades in school, attend various activities and being a strong young man both book smart and street smart.

Service years in the United States Armed Forces with free time in civilian life

During his later teens (about 16-17 years old) before graduation he thought of joining the US military, not for honor, nor adventure but to get enough money that can support his family; He knows it's not really for the nation itself though wants to give his family the fake impression he's protecting the US. Nonetheless his time in the military mainly the US Army for about 10 years which he started to join between 17 to 18 years old was far from easy and quite life threatening to say the least during the latter half of his service years when got into various conflict zones with other countries around Asia. At least the amount of money he earned and saved is impressive not just help himself with his family to have better living standards for achieving upper middle class in the American social class like buying a house that would become the 'Boonchuy residence' but also lot of funds to help Anne attend Saint James Middle School (SJMS) which she won't need to pay student loans like he did. However the amount of time in the military slowly changed him as he started to have some negative behaviors like small amount of PTSD, less warm hearted than before as he performs questionable deeds with discouraging others than encouraging which are the opposite to his surname in the Thai language and having liquid nitrogen level cold calculations to finish various missions+specific jobs when becoming/before becoming an 18F Assistant Operations and Intelligence Sergeant. Yet he had some humanity left within him as he's also a military working dog (MWD) handler with his K9 (inspired by this video).

During one day when taking a few days off break out of the military to get back in the US seeing his family as holiday to relax, he saw a nice looking yellow gem similar to yellow diamonds on top of a closet when he walked past the 'Thrift Stop' shop on his left. Which he walked inside the store and head towards that gem. He saw the gem in front of the Calamity Box (though wasn't interested in the box), so he took the gem and brought it to the cashier where the old female store worker was. She told him it's just a few bucks as it's not worth much compared to the other products in that store, nonetheless Ant wanted that gem which the elderly worker received a few bucks from him and he left the store.

The day going be teleported

One day in 2019 AD, he with his K9 within his 12 men A-Team were in Thailand to help the local forces (Royal Thai Armed Forces, Royal Thai Police and Volunteer Defense Corps) to take care of the local insurgents in the ongoing South Thailand insurgency, even though relations between Thailand and the US had been sour since the coup d'état in 2014 AD. Anyways he with his A-Team and the local forces in a military base devised a plan to possibly finish the insurgents for good.

Story 1: First in Asia Amphibia

In a wild unknown world

After teleported, he finally woke up on the driver seat from his unconscious state after his K9 kept on barking, pushing and licking him inside the Toyota Hilux technical. He later checked himself and the K9 that they are somehow fine though shocked that he's not in Thailand anymore plus the jungles' vegetation around him under the raining cloudy sky though looked similar to their Earth counterparts were completely alien to him. In no time he quickly put on his filter+communication gear equipped Avon Protection M53A1 gas mask and help his J9 put on a military dog variant gas mask to prevent any harmful stuff in this other world's air that would kill them if they breath in. Once both him and the K9 had their gas masks on, he opened the left door with caution. Once he's outside of the Toyota, he could feel the rain and small breeze around. He felt relieved he's very much alive though he won't take off his mask to breath in the air. Next he checked all his equipment, gear, weapons, food and so on at the technical (inside and outside) with the pickup trailer, somehow all the stuff he checked are somehow fine without any damage nor problems. Then he used the radio and other types of communication tech to communicate to his teammates if he's not the only one sent to this world, though after some time were fruitless in the end. Due to being in another world and the supplies he got might last between few months to possibly half a year give or take, he needed to make sure the items he had wouldn't be lost, badly damaged or contaminated or else he with the K9 would die for real without any way getting back home to Earth. As a result he calmly yet with vigilance got back into his Toyota and drove it to find a strong shelter in the jungle, which would take him quite a while.

During a whole day the weather was getting worse and started to become a storm, at least he's able to find a cave in front of him to stay for some time before the weather could get even worse. Right after wearing his water resistant raincoat and grabbed his loaded M4A1 carbine that has various gadgets belong to the Upper Receiver Group, Improved (URG-I) AKA SOPMOD Block III kit, he with his K9 got off the Technical and walked right to the cave with caution as if there's any hazardous stuff/creatures inside. He turned on the flashlights located on his rifle, helmet and the plate carrier on both himself with the K9 to see what's in the pitch dark, which the K9 smelled something then quickly gave a small growl to alert Ant something in front of them was a small yet humanoid creature hugging itself on the ground. So he carefully and stealthily walked closer to that said creature. Once he's at a good distance with his , he demanded the creature to get up on the ground and raise the hands/claws in the air. Which the creature is spooked, quickly jumped up and did what Ant ordered, as it slowly turned itself towards Ant and the K9 under Ant's instructions. This shocks not just Ant but also the 'creature' as it is none other than Anne, as Ant sees Anne somehow alive and breathing without a gas mask. Anne though doesn't know that's Ant due to the gas masks he with the K9 were wearing and she's slowly backing away from him and the K9. As a result Ant slung back his carbine and tells his sister to calm down as he's not an enemy but someone she would be more than happy to see again. Anne was confused about what Ant was talking, till Ant slowly takes off the gas mask a reveals a joyful smile and reply: "Because it's me Anne, your older bro Ant.". Anne suddenly felt so joyful with a big happy cheerful voice with some tears: "Bro? It is you!" which she rushed to him to have a great sibling hug. Both siblings rejoiced in tears that they haven't seen each other for a long time, while the K9 is confused about what's happening.

Story 2: Wacky and risky journey back home

Handy siblings pack up to Newtopia and beyond

A day after the South Tower incident on that late morning, Sprig and the Boonchuy siblings (Ant is between Anne's right and Sprig's left) are sitting on the lower roof of the Plantar farm above the door while hearing a frog who's been carried by a flying dragonfly in the air exclaiming: “It’s been 3 months, still up HERE!!” and seeing the flowers around the farm blossoms due to Spring season.

Story 3: War of the worlds

Home sweet home... though the far from sweet new normal

Once both siblings, the K9 and the Plantars just got teleported into Amphibia, Ant even though had his left arm wounded due to Andrias' energy sword stabbed right through the elbow still able to drive his Toyota technical plus bring himself, the dog, his sis and the frog family to the Boonchuy residence. However he already figured that sooner or later the US gov would burst into their home to capture them and possibly experiment the Plantars with getting interrogated by gov agents from various agencies like the FBI & NSA for information about the teleportation incident and so on.

Some time later leaving the traffic jam at the LA highway, he quickly drove the Toyota right in front of the Boonchuy resistance' garage door.

Though the US gov is suspicious about Ant and the rest of the gang, they admit the information is far from lies and the possible invasion by King Andrias is very important to the US's national security to know more about the Frog-Bots with the Frog Army's abilities and weaknesses.

Art by Basillorn of Anthony & Anne; Showing both Boonchuy siblings able to catch a break after finished destroying last of the many Frog-bots that were attacking one of the beaches in Los Angeles during daytime.

Personality & traits

He's an experience and no nonsense man that others felt like he's in his 30s or 40s. Having photographic memory, always learning, being adaptive, resourceful thinking, well coordinated planning, good patience, unmovable iron will, never underestimate others, cold yet efficient calculations, kept on practice, teaching spirit and special operations mindset that makes him the de facto leader many people needs. During normal circumstances he rarely argues and/or fights someone by playing the long game. He's a straight person that's no fan at all of anything that are LGBT related such as g a y, nonetheless he mostly ignores this hippy thing. Despite he likes America, he doesn't buy in the whole American Exceptionalism thing as even thought it's the most powerful nation in the world doesn't mean the US is a shining example.

He despises shipping and glorified fashion magazines as crappy garbage ideas, making him Anne's opposite that sometimes lead to both siblings having arguments about those 2 genres or similar things. Even though he loves his younger sis, he's unhappy to clean up the mess Anne and her friends various mess; Leading to him lecturing and/or scolding Anne for the shenanigans she made back in LA on Earth and in Amphibia, which Anne complains that he sounds like mom and dad combined with US military discipline though she admitted that she caused quite a lot of trouble while also embarrassed she needs her bro to clean up many times. While Ant in rare cases had cause a bit of the mistakes, he's able to fix them quickly and make sure wouldn't make those same mistakes again.



In the beautiful yet extremely hostile Amphibia, it's too dangerous to just have fists and a pair of legs. For Ant who's an experienced, well trained, practical and modular US Army Green Beret operator, he's geared with loads of various weapons; After all Green Berets are trained to use a variety of weapon types dated back from WW1 to recent conflicts, so the operators can be familiar with some specific enemy weapons during different missions, easily use such weapons in any nation without problem, and train different factions using those weapons to fight with the operators. Those weapons range from the ones he used on Earth during his time in the military to the ones he got/salvaged from Amphibia, he even made some DIY weapons that are the combination of weapons craftsmanship with resources both from Earth and Amphibia.

Earth weaponry-

Weapons both originated from civilian and military (include those used by special forces/special operations forces units) range from melee weapons like knives/daggers, ballistic knives, tomahawk axes, axes, spades, hammers, batons, sticks and so on to range weapons like firearms, grenades, launchers, artillery, crossbows, slingshots and so on. Though needed to be lightweight enough for Ant & his technical to carry without too much problem:





Submachine gun/Personal defense weapon-

Machine gun-


Grenade launcher-

Anti-armor launcher-




Amphibia weaponry-



DIY weaponry-

roddysaint's crude sketch of Boom Shroom pipe bomb, one of the Boom Shroom munition types.

Boom Shroom munition-

Boom Shroom pipe bomb: Basically, it's 2 metal pipes, one inserted into the other. There are metal caps at each end. Between the caps is stretched a long spring, hooked onto each end. Holes are drilled through the bigger and smaller pipes, and a pin is inserted in that hole to stop the smaller pipe from snapping into the bigger one. Then the Boom Shroom is inserted at the bottom. When the pin's pulled, the smaller pipe collapses into the bigger one, pushing the cap of the Boom Shroom against the bottom pin to set it off. The metal pipe serves two purposes: to provide a safer means of transporting the shrooms, and also to create fragmentation when they blow up.


Earth variant-

Crye Precision Adaptive Vest System™ (AVS™) kit-

The Crye Precision AVS (Adaptive Vest System) is a fully modular warfighting platform capable of scaling from a plate carrier to a load-bearing full armor system. The premier choice of US Special Operations Forces, the AVS with harness provides structural support that distributes weight across the body vs resting entirely on the shoulders mitigating potential fatigue and long term injury. Each surface of the AVS is configured to allow preconfigured panels to be installed and removed immediately versus requiring each equipment pouch to be molle woven into PALS channels individually. Available as a complete package in Multicam® Black, this offering including size matched a AVS harness, standard front/back plate pouches, AVS Detachable M4 Flat Flap (capable of running 3 USGI rifle magazines), Zip-on Pouch Panel 2.0, and 152/Bottle Smart Pouch as well as a set of AVS Padded Shoulder Covers in Black.

The AVS's 7 features are as follows:

  • U.S. Elite Exclusive
  • AV Harness - provides structural support and a mounting platform for a variety of AVS components, which allows a wide range of different load-outs and configurations
  • AVS Standard Plate Pouch Set - custom fit for each plate size and are designed to work with standard ballistic inserts
  • AVS Detachable M4 Flap - provides three M4 mag pouches (3 USGI rifle magazines)
  • Pouch Zip-On Panel 2.0 - a panel of preconfigured pouches that zips to a rear platebag. Two VELCRO® brand lined GP pockets across the top, a wide GP pouch in the middle, and fold-flat wide GP pouch on the bottom
  • AVS Padded Shoulder Covers - provide additional support and comfort for the AVS system.
  • 152/Bottle Pouch - storage pouch for various types of radios (PRC 152 or MBITR), 32 oz water bottle, different magazines (SureFire® 60-round, one or two 30-round 5.56, two 25-round 7.62x51 SR-25, or one 20-round 7.62x51 magazines), or IZLID Ultra Laser

This $1400 USD kit has small, medium and large sizes options.

P.S. The Multicam® Black variant AVS doesn't exist in 2019 but mid 2021, though it shows the AVS in the AU is in Multicam® regular camouflage.

Amphibia variant-


His first name is inspired by Ashly Burch's older brother Anthony Burch, as both Burch siblings' mother Kamonwan pronounced as Mon being an immigrant to the US from Thailand.

Reason Ant chooses Jack as his middle name is because it meant "Jack of all trades, master of none". Which is true to him as an Army Green Beret operator needs to be modular, crafty and improvise during different situations in various surroundings such as in the beautiful yet lethal marshland of Amphibia. Moreover his favorite cartoon series is Samurai Jack (original series from Cartoon Network during 2001–04 time to Adult Swim version in 2017) as he likes the main character with the same name very much, which he uses it as his middle name and would like someone calls him "Operator Jack".

In one of the TV trope references, he was sort of an ace from his later teenage years to the US military early years, but as his military service time went on in his latter half a decade he started to have some symptoms of a Broken Ace both visible and non-visible which are similar to Anne. Still he's an Ace nonetheless.

Once he's in Amphibia, those 6 months made him from an Ace/Broken Ace level jack of all stats operator AKA 'Balanced Guy' starting his very first day in that swamp from another world into a master of all (more like almost but close to all) before leaving back to Earth on the final day compared to his sis, Sasha, Marcy and other OCs even when combined their powers once charged as well.

Due to the stuff & advantages he has and packs when compared to his sis and others in Amphibia, he's sort of the badass normal numero uno (In Italian means the best or most important person), then again he's the protagonist in that Amphibia AU.

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