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Mac Siyi is the best friend of Greimana and had a secret knowledge of the Calamity Box and its surroundings, such as where they would go. She was of the rare people who are able to predict Future events, such as Anne being teleported to Amphibia. She is twelve years old and in 7th Grade, unlike Greimana, who is currently in 6th grade.

She is also an A+ student in classes, and does Homework as a hobby and likes it.


She is a tall girl with dyed Lilac hair, her normal hair is brown. Her eyes are usually Maroon color, which is a rarity to everyone else. She never wears the school uniform, she wears whatever she wants, whenever she wants.


Mac is a calm and mature person who likes obeying authorities except for when it comes to clothing, because she likes expressing herself through clothing. She likes school and homework especially.


She was born on December 13, 2006 to Mr. Sayi and Mrs. Sayi. She was born in a family of people who could predict events, which is why she was a rarity. She didn't have any friends or siblings, until she meet Greimana when she was 8, they quickly become friends, because they were a tiny bit related, because their 13th Great Grand Father was related to both Greimana and Mac Sayi.