Marcy is one of Anne’s “so called” friends, and the main antagonist of the Amphibia Fanon Series. She is currently at home. She has a fear of losing people who she says she cares about.


Marcy, just like Sasha, is manipulative towards Anne Boonchuy. She can take advantage of people easily because they think that she’s a trustworthy person. She uses victim blaming to get people to be friends of her. She is very popular, which is reason she’s manipulative. But this is a persona because Trauma that she represses by this. When she breaks out of character, She is very kind and helpful towards other people when it comes to Sports or in general.


Marcy is a relatively tall Teenager with a green colored skirt and a sweater with the “SJMS) sign, with white socks and brown shoes.


She was born on May 12, 2006, along with her Identical Twin Sister, Lanaz.

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