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Season 1 is the first season of Amphibia Fanon. It consists of twenty episodes.


Episode number in season Episode number overall Episode title Writer Director
1 Where will Anne Go? WikiKansel
2 Anne & Annie Spuffy
3 That isn’t it, folks! WikiKansel
4 The Scientist Problem WikiKansel
5 It Walks! Squirty
6 Moovy Night Blablasmartie2018
7 Amphibia Vs the Forces Of Marcy WikiKansel
8 “Big Sister” WikiKansel
9 Who am I? LostMediaLover235
10 Moovy Night: The Reboot Blablasmartie2018
11 Grounded For Life LostMediaLover235
12 All Just a Dream LostMediaLover235