Where will Anne Go? is the premiere episode of Amphibia Fanon.


Anne is sent to Amphibia, but that confuses her friends, and they try to find her.


Anne‘s Birthday

Anne Boonchuy is at home, for her 13th birthday, with her, “Friends” Came to her house to give gifts to make Anne happy, and after thanking them, the Birthday ends, going to sleep.

Getting to Amphibia

At 7am, she went to her school with her friends Sasha And Marcy, but first, they force her to buy a Magical Chest for making fun, and all over the class day, they were curious on what was the chest with, but was trying to keep it a secret. So hid it in Anne’s locker until the end of the day. After school she went home, they the friends decided to make a “hangout” and after all Anne thought they were her friends, so agreed. They decided to force Anne to open the Chest, but quickly find out that was a mistake, and Anne disappeared for unknown reasons, Marcy was shocked, started screaming in surprise, And Sasha was just confused.

Anne in Amphibia

Anne wakes up After getting into Amphibia, she doesn’t know where she is, so she decides to look around to find out anyone, or any Amphibian to help her find her way, so she decides to walk, her shoe fell out, and she fell on some leaves, and her face became a little dirt. She learn about this Amphibian named Wally, but all he did was stare at her, and did nothing at all. She decides that was not any help. All day she was looking for help, but everyone was scared in her way, thinking she was a beast.

Back in earth

Sasha And Marcy didn’t Know what they done, as the Magic Chest was gone, and that was the only one in existence, Marcy was still freaking out, and Sasha didn’t know what happened, so just stood there, trying to find out what just happened. Anne’s Parent were also very confused where Anne was, so started making Wanted posters for Anne Boonchuy. This starts causes panic among the school adults, not knowing about the Calamity Box incident. Her friends still couldn’t calculate what just happened. They went home, but they couldn’t sleep, worrying where Anne would be.

Anne meets a True Friend

Anne Boonchuy was looking for help, but no one decided to her, and she felling a little annoyed, but still, looking for help, and she almost gave up after an entire day for looking for help. When she met Mayor Toadstool, the Mayor Of Amphibia, And Toadie, his assistant. He decided to introduce himself to Anne, and then Anne asked for help. How did Amphibia work, but didn’t get any good anwsers, all she get was quick sentences, making it extremely vague, that’s when a young Amphibian named Sprig Plantar. He was looking at Anne. He to, thought that Anne was a beast, so tried to trap her, but Anne looked and asked what he was doing, he dropped down to not confront for because she was scared of Anne. After they stopped “discussing” she decides to walk up to Sprig, but all he did was yell that she was the beast, but after a mysterious monster came up, they had a run away from their lifes because The Actual Beast was trying to eat them, but with her Tennis Racket, she stops the beast from doing that, running into a cave. They then introduced each other, becoming friends, but there was nothing that Anne liked to eat, and Amphibians eat bugs, and Anne was disgusted. After becoming friends, Sprig introduces her to for family Hop Pop Plantar and Polly Plantar.

Meeting the Plantars

Hop Pop and Polly introduce themselves to Anne, but they weren’t very approving and said it was cool, but dumb. But he wasn’t in trouble. Anne saw their house, and their farm, and was thinking this was where she was going to live, still wondering how her friends were like, she went inside, and she liked the insid, even if it was over run with plants. The Plantar Family realized she would need a room, so started building a room for Anne. She had people who trusted her.


After that, Sasha realized all that all that happened was the chest closed, so she called Marcy up, and they opened the chest, and one by one, get inside, we don’t realize Where they go. The City is still clueless about what happened, and the parents were specially worried, because they were the parents of them. The Fanon episode ends with Anne’s House in the morning.


  • This is not a question, this is a unofficial episode that was created by a fan.
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